Middle age villages and ancient cities invit you for a visit.
Old houses, churches, cathedrals and monuments take you back in time.
For example Brantome is worth a visit.
They call it: Venice of the Dordogne.
Or the old town of  Perigueux,
a gallo-roman city with a centre of small streets full of local shops,
restaurant and market places in a historical setting.
An other city called Sarlat, in the centre of the Perigord-region is definitely worth to see.
The whole city is like a monument. 
Then there is Bergerac know for its tasty wines and wine related points of interest.

Step into history and visit one of the many caves with splendid creations of stalactites and stalagmites, prehistoric dwellings, rock paintings etc.

For example Grottes de Villars, Grotte de Rouffignac, La Roque St Christophe.

Various castles are also open to the public, built in or upon rock formations, on stunning locations in the landscape and with special designed gardens around.